Tired of Working from Home? Step into our Office.

Working from home as a real estate agent sounds ideal, right? Extra belly rubs for the dog, no suit and tie required, and all the flexibility in the world. You may even have this luxury with no commission split, but when it comes to growing your business, is this truly the most lucrative path to take?

Realistically, to perform at your best, you most likely need a professional work environment surrounded by like-minded peers. Sometimes success starts from just having a conversation with a fellow agent. Talking about how to achieve your professional goals with those experienced in your field is just a step towards meeting them, as you have a leading example and an accountability partner. Working in an office space allows you access to resources and tools you don’t have at home, and the ability to learn and get questions answered. We’ve seen this firsthand, as we’ve had numerous agents complete transactions due to the aid of other agents, and even gone on to form their own teams.

At Realty Experts, we know the value of working together as a family. Not only do we offer free office space and desks, but we pride ourselves on our commitment to guiding our agents through every transaction. When our agents aren’t working at our Seminole location, they are often holding floor time at our beach office in Redington Shores to take advantage of our free lead generation. Another resource we offer that franchise brokerages often can’t, is a full-time marketing director. At Realty Experts, we want our agents to work together, not against each other, and that’s why we gladly provide them with a resource to satisfy any and all of their marketing needs, free of cost.

We recruit agents that we trust will fit into our close-knit culture to ensure that we continue the growth and strength of our boutique brokerage. Unlike a franchise, our brokerage was designed to be community-focused, family-oriented and energetic, to achieve the best outcome for current and future clients.  We offer the same tools and technology as bigger companies, and the guidance needed to see the deal through. And when the deal is done, we love treating our agents to happy hours, parties and fun events!

If you want to learn more about our family and all that Realty Experts has to offer, give us call at 727-692-1552. We would love to share our success with you and help further grow your business.